Our database contains information about the public IPv4 networks and domains owned by companies and organisations across the world along with city-level IP geolocation data and autonomous system information.

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IP Address:
ISP/Organisation: Amazon Data Services
Network: AMAZON-IAD (
Description: Amazon Data Services
Parent Company: Amazon Technologies Inc
Location: United States Ashburn, Virginia, United States
Coordinates: E 39.0437, N -77.4875
Domains on IP: None

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Top Organisations

Top 10 largest companies according to the number of addresses they own or operate.

United States DoD Network Information Center (221,840,384)
United States AT&T Services, Inc. (99,841,795)
United States Comcast Cable Communications, LLC (71,683,536)
China China Unicom (70,218,522)
United States Amazon Technologies Inc (62,767,216)
United States Charter Communications Inc (57,208,528)
United States Headquarters, USAISC (54,647,808)
United States MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business (52,012,528)
Japan SOFTBANK Corp (48,039,072)
South Korea Korea Telecom (46,177,288)