Reverse DNS Database

Get access to our Reverse DNS database in Excel CSV format below. It contains IPv4 and IPv6 address mappings to all known domain names. A domain name can resolve to multiple IP addresses, and an IP address can reverse-resolve to multiple domain names.

Last update: 01 June 2021

The update price will apply if you have previously purchased the file and are checking out with the same user account.


This database contains IPv4 and IPv6 addresses with the domain names pointing to them. Each line contains one IP address to domain name mapping.

Reverse DNS

FormatComma-Separated Values (CSV)
IPv4 addresses to domain293,834,358
IPv6 addresses to domain44,798,153
IPv4 CSV size10,001 Mb (decompressed)
IPv6 CSV size2,009 Mb (decompressed)
Purchase price$299
Update price$99