Autonomous Systems Database

Get access to our Autonomous System databases in Excel CSV format below. Download our databases of autonomous systems (ASN) including names, descriptions, owner organizations and networks announced. They contain over 800,000 networks in 90,000 ASNs.

Last update: 02 October 2022

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Autonomous System Information

This database contains over 90,000 autonomous systems details with owner information.
AS Information

FormatComma-Separated Values (CSV)
CSV size6 Mb (decompressed)
Purchase price$20
Update price$10

Autonomous System Announced Prefixes

This database contains over 800,000 network prefixes along with ASN information and organizations operating or owning them.

AS Networks

FormatComma-Separated Values (CSV)
IPv4 networks953,377
IPv6 networks161,720
IPv4 CSV size85 Mb (decompressed)
IPv6 CSV size19 Mb (decompressed)
Purchase price$40
Update price$20